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This is the interesting tool which i came across through the google group .This tool helps to generate the data .when i started to learn about the Big data .Many said you need some  big data source or data set needed to analyse .so i was keep on searching data sets i found many web sites which offer free large data sets but i was not feeling comfortable for my basic learning .so when i heard about the spawner . i tried it ,Spawner is very simple and working preety good

This software is available in both windows and Linux Environment can be downloaded from source forge


Screen shot  for basic windows

data generator

1.In this window you will see the option called add field where you can create field name which you want and tell the respective value need for the field

2.The main beauty of this software this output can be in CSV ,SQL ,MYSQL format ,this makes more flexible to use this software output data

3.After choosing the output type .click on spawn and see the output  in the location specified



Lynx browser

Browser is the software which we use to access the web page , when i started to use computer i was using the Internet Explorer then firefox …. . During my Engineering i was able to read something about the browser that time i heard that there is non graphical browser available to use .That was a big shock could not believe that stuff so i started to try a browser called LYNX . The link for downloading the software i have mentioned below in your free time have a overlook and try and have fun 🙂


2.Important keys 

Screen shot of the Lynx browser Screenshot from 2013-12-04 22:00:25





To enter the url use the ‘g’ it will prompt for the new URL in the bottom and i have typed google.com

After Entering the URL press ENTER and it wil take  to the google homepage