Introduction to programming


who want to be Good programmer?

All want to be good programmer but many people lag behind in some case ,many people in college just offer them the theoretical knowledge which is not quite enough for the people i did not say that they don’t offer the practical knowledge

Reason for not becoming a proper programmer or Good programmer

1.People go to lab classes just to have fun ,you can have fun but same time do something

2.Following what the record note or observation or any other material blindly

3.Does not take pain in understanding the concept just typing without knowing what it is

i wound say it is typing work with no other aim

I have some suggestion to become Good programmer

  • Dont just type the code understand it
  • Try to understand the workflow or how the code works basically
  • even if it hello world code try it in machine unless otherwise you practise you can not be good programmer
  •   Try to compile yourself and solve all the error
  • Do mistake so that you can learn from it ,you have right to do  1 Lakh’s in a day
  • Question yourself why not this,why self answering is the biggest source of learning
  • If you don’t get the answer for the program sit in the same code until you succeed many wont accept it . Image